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Segunda Iglesia Cristiana Jesucristo Restaura Inc.

497 E 168th St. Bronx, NY 10456

The Second Christian Church Jesus Christ Restaura Inc. was established on

January 13, 2013. This project began as a small church group where we prayed

and studied the Word of the Lord, once a week, on Wednesday’s in a beauty


The small group began to meet at the beginning of 2012, trusting on a

prophetic word received from God in the life of Pastors Eddy and Martha Ventura,

and then becoming what it is today, a congregation of brothers and sisters

redeemed by the blood of Christ (Acts 2:47).

After several months in the beauty salon, the Lord began to pour out his

grace on this ministry; the group began to grow, and thus it was necessary to look

for a bigger place to officially start three days of service. (1 Corinthians 3: 6-9).

When something is approved by God, it will always prosper. The Lord then

moved us to a more spacious place where we are today, for the past five years.

Our central vision as a ministry is to “Reach those who walk without purpose and

without hope, through the preaching and teaching of the Gospel” (Matthew 28:

19-20), to have a proper and spacious place to worship our God, instruct disciples

to develop a relationship of intimacy with the Lord, and to meet the needs of our

community, especially in their spiritual need.

This ministry also has a mission program focused on expanding the

Kingdom of God through social work, inside and outside the United States of

America. (Matthew 25: 35-36).

We are convinced that the Church has the answer to so many questions

that a society has, that generally separate society from God. (Matthew 11: 28-30)

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